Cute Pregnancy Announcements

cute-pregnancy-announcement-title While I was researching pregnancy announcements (translation= goofing off on Pinterest…), I found some I really loved. So when we announced our pregnancy and gender last week, I already had a good idea of what I wanted to do. But here are some of my favorite pregnancy announcements.

cute-pregnancy-announcement-bicycleLove the subtlety of the tricycle here. And it’s so adorable. [Source]

cute-pregnancy-announcement-nesting-dollsIf you’re thinking of sending out cards, I love this nesting doll idea! [Source]

cute-pregnancy-announcement-cowboy-bootsThere are a lot of adorable baby shoe announcements out there. I love this one because it’s so loving. [Source]

Here’s what we went with for our announcement:


We LOVE coffee. Giving it up was the hardest thing I had to do but I still get my hot chocolate when we do go to Starbucks… Oh, and a sugar cookie. What is with their sugar cookies and how yummy they are???

How did you announce your pregnancy?

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